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Jolly Old PR: A holiday case study

December 21, 2012

A couple of years ago, we shared the following special “case study” with our clients. Maybe you’ll find something in it that can guide your business to new success in 2013.

You might have noticed the success enjoyed by our longtime client Santa Claus Ltd. While we can’t take all the credit for the firm’s perennial achievements, we are proud to have played a role … and we wanted to share a few of the communications strategies and tactics we’ve employed on S.C. Ltd.’s behalf, just in case you see something that could help drive your organization’s success in the years ahead.

Case Study – Santa Claus Ltd.

 Communications Objective: Raise profile of organization in order to enhance spreading of joy.

Sampling of Implemented Strategies:

1.      Literary brand support

  • Tactic: Published book to push brand into marketplace

o Result: “Night Before Christmas” a worldwide best-seller

o BONUS RESULT: Visions of sugar plums dancing in heads

 2.      Buzz campaign

  • Tactic: Promoted word-of-mouth peer marketing among “believers”

o Result: Pervasive use of the phrase “What’s Santa bringing you?” drove brand recognition to new levels

3.      Multi-location meet-and-greets

  • Tactic: Secured sponsorships with local malls to place S.C. Ltd. representatives wearing distinctive red-and-white uniforms in highly visible public locations

o Result: Long lines of fans waiting for photo opps

o BONUS RESULT: 1-on-1 surveys allow collection of data with audience wants

4.      Co-branding with firm’s surveillance division

  • Tactic: Made “Santa’s Watching” a recognized tagline

o Result: Parents report increases in good behavior

5.      Product placement

  • Tactic: Place images of CEO in motion pictures

o Result: See appendix list that includes A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause (1,2 and 3), and Santa Claus versus the Zombies

6.      Barter for professional goods and services

  • Tactic: Traded access to firm’s “Nice” list for PR services

o Result: The opportunity for JTPR to work with the nicest clients  and collaborators possible

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